2017 – 2018

The rights of Gongkwon Yusul Instructors in the USA

1.We assign one official school per one area/city. The master or instructor has the right to run exclusive GKYS School in their particular area. If anyone who is eligible to open GKYS School wants to open in the same area, the permission needs to be obtained from the one who opened that area first. (First come First serve)

2.You can open more than one school if you are the first one who has GKYS School in your area.

3.You can conduct promotion belt tests for color belts. (Below Black Belt Rank / After a permission from GKYS HQ)

4.You can receive a technical support from Georgia GKYS HQ if you receive a black belt certification and instructor license under the Georgia GKYS HQ.

5.You can apply to be a Ji-Boo-Jang (Local Director) if you are a professional GKYS Dojang owner (Gongkwon Yusul -Only School).

The Responsibilities Gongkwon Yusul Instructors in the USA

1.GKYS members in IGKYS must run/operate a GKYS school / club.

2.All the students on GKYS must wear official GKYS Uniforms. (No Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Grappling or Judo Uniforms)

3.All GKYS members must follow the interior and exterior regulations of GKYS school / club

4.If you complete the GKYS certified instructor course, you become an associate member. If you complete No.1~3 within 5 months your membership will be upgraded to a full membership status. Once upgraded, The IGKYSA will send the official registered school certificate and official “Ho-Shin” Scroll to the GKYS HQ. GKYS HQ will award them to you and to your school. Official “Ho-Shin” Scroll is a sign of official GKYS School.

5.All GKYS members must participate in GKYS seminars conducted by GKYS HQ and IGKYSA at least 1 time per year.

6.All GKYS members have an annual membership fee and they can keep their rights as instructor or student.

7.GKYS members who do not comply with the above rules will lose their rights as members.

Other Regulations

1.You can keep your rights as a GKYS members when you keep following all regulations of GKYS.

2.The suspension of a membership from GKYS HQ and IGKYSA can happen if: -Members themselves decided to withdraw. -Members don’t follow policies and duties after joining GKYS HQ. -Members don’t run an official GKYS School or became MIA. -Members don’t follow the regulations and policies of GKYS HQ and IGKYSA. These members above will be suspended from GKYS HQ and other official GKYS members can open the school in their area. The exclusive rights will go to the next qualified applicant.

3.GKYS Ji-Boo-Jang (Regional Manager) represents each state in the United States. Ji-Boo-Jang can only be recommended by GKYS Bon-Boo-Jang (GKYS Director) based on their dedications and accomplishments with GKYS.

4.All GKYS Students must participate in special seminars conducted by GKYS HQ and IGKYSA at least 1 times per year.

a.Ji-Boo-Jang GKYS Training Seminar b.Bon-Boo-Jang GKYS Training Seminar c.Hyub-Hoi-Jang* GKYS Training Seminar *Hyub-Hoi-Jang (Chair of Association) d.All Level GKYS students Training Seminar

5.If you earn the title of GKYS Ji-Boo-Jang, you will have a right to conduct GKYS Ji-Boo-Jang seminar and GKYS referee seminar.

6.It is prohibited to customize GKYS equipment such as Uniforms, Bag, Sparring Gears, T-Shirts, etc. You must purchase designated supplier by IGKYSA.

*Note: GKYS is a short from of Gongkwon Yusul. *IGKYSA is a short form of International Gongkwon Yusul Association.